Who We Are

MEET PodCastInc

We are a team of podcasters all with a marketing background who got various requests from friends and clients to help with their podcasts. These requests turned to have similar sounding issues including finding help to edit a podcast, not getting enough juice for the SEO in spite of the content, not getting accurate results from automated services or not getting things completed fast enough when using non-specialized support

Created by Podcasters

We are here to make sure your concentration as a podcaster in on getting the right quests and researching and topic on the right topic. Leave the rest to us. Some of our pilot clients have seen benefits like

39% faster

than doing these activities on their own or having admin assistants or interns do it for them

20% cheaper

when they have outsourced some of these functions to another large agency or production company

99.98% accurate

which was at least 6-9 basis points better than any other automated services

What some of our Clients say

These are Pilot clients and hence they have been massive
amounts of money to say the following

"We have been using Podcast Inc as our outsourced transcription team when my assistant was out. We loved the service and the customer service so much that we continued to use them even though my assistant was back. The quality is spot on and the pricing is a on-par with automated services"
"We used the services for Transcription and Translation and are very happy with the deliverable.

Team Member


Sarra Messili

Sarra is the CEO of Podcast Inc and has been closely involved in drawing the strategic roadmap of the company since day one...


Manish Balakrishnan

Manish is an Advisor and Technology partner for Podcast Inc working on creating the technology and services workflows...