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Summary of Podcast/ Priced for every 15 minutes

Any Length podcast
Guest Intro and Link
Discussion topics
Timestamped call outs
Important Links


Verbatim copy of Podcast/ Priced for every minute

Charged by the minute
Available in 7 days
AI based with human review
Rush Delivery Available
99% Accuracy

Podcast Blogs

Convert your podcast into a blog/ Priced per word

Industry specific writer
Minimum 500 words
SEO keyword friendly
2 Rewrites
Premium support

Audio Editing

Per Minute

Any length Podcast
Intro, Outro & Sponsor
Noise Reduction, Audio Cleaning
Full ID3 Meta Data Tagging
Rush Delivery Available


per word per language

7 Languages
Native speakers
Reach Wider Audience
Spanish, French, Portuguese
Russian, Mandarin, Arabic and Hindi

Podcast Analytics

Per Month

All channels
Monthly growth dashboard
Consolidated Metrics
Growth Projections

Podcast Website

Creating and maintaining a separate digital presence for your podcast which is maintained with your newest episodes and guest links, blogs, transcription and translation. Includes Domain name, hosting and weekly changes.

Podcast SMM

Podcast Inc will work to create promote your podcast, create engaging visual and written content using data from your podcast and promote and engage more listeners to your podcast.